If Cayan Library does not subscribe to or own something that you need for research or other interests, we will attempt to get it from another library and either email you a copy of the article or have the book or video shipped to our library for you to pick up.   Look for ILL options within our search systems so that you can expand what material is available to you.  Articles typically take 1 day to arrive via email, with books taking typically 5-7 days, depending on shipping time. Learn more about Document Delivery at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute Library.


ILLiad — The electronic system you use for all Interlibrary Loan services


1. Verify the library does not own the material (more information below).
2. Go to the library home page.
3. Click on “Interlibrary Loan.”
4. Click on “ILLiad.”
5. Logon using your SITNet ID.
6. Register as an ILLiad user. You will be asked for your U number (the number on your college ID); this is a required field. You need to register only once.
7. Select, complete and submit the relevant online form.
Check the library catalog to see if the library owns a book. Check both the List of Journals to see if the library has access to a specific journal.
Requests are almost always filled within two days, often with a few hours for articles.  Books sometimes take slightly longer, especially if the book is in high demand.
You are sent an e-mail when we receive your material.
Books are picked up at and returned to the library’s Circulation Desk.  If you are at our Albany Site, we will ship the books to you there.  If you are a distance student, we will ship the books to your home address.  For distance students and Albany Site patrons, we also send a return label for you to mail the item back to us.
There are two ways to access articles. First, you can click on the URL included in the e-mail notification you received (which will take you directly to your article). Second, you can logon to ILLiad, click on the “Received Articles” link and then click on the “Transaction Number” of the article you want to see.
Check the status of your requests by logging into ILLiad and by reviewing the main page, which lists all your outstanding requests. Sometimes this information is limited. If you would like more information, please contact us at ill@sunyit.edu.
Logon to ILLiad and click on the “Checked Out Items” link. Click on the “Transaction Number” of the book you want to renew, and then click on the “Renew Request” link. Check back in a couple days to see the real due date: the due date the system automatically shows you is not always correct.
SUNY Poly students, staff and faculty may request material through interlibrary loan (ILL).

Employees  or students who need a SITNet ID must complete a Human Resources Data Questionnaire (pdf), get the questionnaire authorized, and return it to the Human Resources office, who will generate their IDs.  The Human Resources office will contact employees to inform them their IDs have been created.  Employees must then contact the IT Help Desk at (315) 792-7440 for information about their SITNet ID.

Empire State College students registered with SUNY Poly and SUNY Poly/CNSE are also allowed to request material through interlibrary loan. Please contact us at ill@sunyit.edu if you are an Empire State student.

Most requests are filled for free, and we also purchase articles and books for faculty and some students.  If we cannot get the article or book for you, we will notify you via e-mail.
Although it’s always faster if you find the material we own, we are happy to send you material we own either in print or electronically.  The library catalog is  good place to check for print books, and our Publication Finder is a good resource to determine what journals we subscribe to.  If we find we own something, we’ll deliver it to you according to your preferences.
Textbooks are acceptable to order via ILL; however, here are some points you should consider:
– there is no guarantee you will get the book you request, and you may not know that for a week or more;
– most interlibrary loan books are loaned for less than a whole semester;
– at most, interlibrary loan books can be renewed only one time;
– the decision to allow a renewal is made by the library that owns the book, and there is no guarantee a book can be renewed;
– even with one renewal, you might have the book for only half the semester;
– it is illegal to photocopy most of or a whole book;
– it is more difficult to borrow books that are brand new, which is exactly what you’re trying to do when you request a new textbook;
– supplies are limited, and demand for the same textbook can be high.

There is no limit on the amount of material you may request.
Journal articles do not need to be returned. All other items must be returned by the date chosen by the lending library; most books are usually due back in 3 weeks. Check the slip that comes with your book.
Yes, a lending library has the right to recall its item at any time. If you get a recall notice, you must return the book immediately.
Yes, renewals may be possible, but this decision is at the discretion of the lending library.
You are responsible for fees and fines if you lose or damage an interlibrary loan book.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you have misplaced a book, or if you have damaged a book, and we will work with the lending library to come to the most agreeable resolution; however, you will still be responsible for the costs associated with losing or damaging the book.
Important messages about ILL activities — e.g., to pick up material, download articles, and to return overdue material, etc. — are sent to you via e-mail.
Typically, accounts are only blocked if a book is long overdue or lost, and we have not been in contact with you about this.  If your account is blocked, please contact us as soon as possible, and we can find the best resolution possible.

OCLC Symbol: YTM

Shipping and Return To Address:
SUNY Polytechnic Institute / Cayan Library
100 Seymour Road
Utica, NY 13502

Lending and Borrowing contact:

Library catalog:

Group affiliations:

Submit a request via OCLC or email request at ill@sunyit.edu.
We require reciprocal agreements. We provide materials to only those libraries that provide materials to us for free, either through individual reciprocal agreements or consortial or group partnerships such as LVIS or IDS.
Initial loan periods are 90 days with a one-month renewal allowed if the item is not needed by our patron.
General collection monographs; microforms; government documents; DVDs.
Selected items from special collections, reference books (except for special circumstances), and items on Reserve.
SUNY Poly charges replacement cost plus a $10 processing fee.
The ILL department is staffed Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. when classes are in session and Monday to Friday 8 to 4 when not. The library is closed between Christmas and New Year’s.



For questions, problems, etc., please contact:
SUNY Poly Library ILL Department: ill@sunyit.edu
Tel: (315) 792-7245