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What you will find at this site
  • An explanation of what the SUNY Poly IRB is and what it does.
  • Easy-to-understand criteria to determine whether your study requires IRB review and the level of review required (i.e. expedited or convened/full review).
  • An explanation of the IRB review and approval process, and what you, the researcher, can expect regarding when and how you will be informed of study review progress/approval/rejection.
Levels of Review
  • Convened/Full: This is the typical route for a human subject research proposal. The IRB meets the second Tuesday of each month to review applications for research. Sponsors of proposals are invited to attend meetings to provide an overview of the project, and to deal with any ambiguities that might exist. Also, the committee can give the sponsor direct feedback on the proposal should there be a need to clarify or change any procedures. For consideration at the monthly meeting, please submit a completed Proposal for Research Involving Human Subjects to the Office of the IRB (OIRB) by the last Monday of the month preceding the scheduled meeting.
  • Expedited: For some types of innocuous or benign activities, the Chair may elect to consult with a subset of the committee for review.
  • Exempt: If you feel that your project should be exempt from IRB review, please read the Exempt Research policy, and submit the completed Application for Exemption form by email to

Submit all completed forms and applications to the Office of the IRB at no later than the last Monday of the month preceding the scheduled meeting.


SUNY Poly IRB Committee Membership Spring 2017

  • Michael B. Manning, PhD, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Kazuko Behrens, PhD, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Lisa Beradino, PhD, Associate Professor, Human Resource Management
  • Sarah Brenner, MD, Assistant Professor Nanobioscience
  • Megan Dishavio, PhD, Instructor, Sciences
  • Jennifer Klimek-Yingling, PhD, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Marybeth McAll, MD, Community Member
  • Janet Paluh, PhD, Associate Professor, Nanobioscience
  • Naren Peddibhotla, PhD, Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems
  • Carolyn Rodak, PhD, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
  • Kathleen Rourke, PhD, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • Kathryn Stam, PhD, Associate Professor, Communications and Humanities


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